Sunday, 13 April 2014

Android Pro Widgets [v1.3.8 - 1/17/2014][Widgets][App]

A set of powerful and extremely useful home screen widgets!

✓ Designed for both smart phones and tablets

✓ All widgets contain advanced features hard to be found on other products. Try it!

✓ Scrolling is supported on all devices and all launchers

■ Available widgets:
☆ Agenda & Calendar
☆ People
☆ Bookmarks
☆ Messaging
☆ Facebook
☆ Twitter
☆ Timeline (Facebook+ Twitter) - Licensed version only
☆ Google Reader available here

■ More tools:
☆ Quick Event - Quick Calendar event insertion tool w/ native language processing and speech recognition capabilities.
☆ SayWhat - little 4x1 widget to update Facebook/Twitter quickly from the home screen

■ Notes:
▪ Automatic scrolling is enabled on Android 3.x and on most alternative launchers (e.g. ADW Launcher, Launcher Pro, Go Launcher Ex). When scrolling is not supported by your launcher (e.g. Zeam launcher, HTC Sense, Samsung Touchwiz) you must first click the widget's footer and the widget will become scrollable until it looses focus.
▪ For feature requests use
▪ Get the license key to unlock all feature including themes support.

■ What reviews say:
“Do you want a set of customizable, skinnable and accessible widgets to your needs on the homescreen? Then look no further…” - Android UK News
“If you love periodically changing the look of your phone and the interface options, Android Pro Widgets is the number one program on the android market” -
“APW is one of the most comprehensive and complete widget suites available” - Android Community
“The graphics are so polished that it feels as if Android Pro Widgets was included with the device” - HTC Source
“It’s my belief that the widgets included in Android Pro Widgets should have already been built into Android” - AndroidStatic
“Now This is What an Ice Cream Sandwich Widget Should Look Like” - AndroidSpin (refers to Modern ICS themes)


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Wikipedia for Android

Google Android Market Link :

Under Development:

1. Dark Theme for night reading
2. More Language support.

Under Plan:

1.Multiple Tabs support
2.Batch webpage download for offline reading

Application Detail:Wikipedia for Android features :- Bookmark classification- Download wikipedia article- Support Offline reading - Support bookmark - Support App to SD- Support Find on page- Enable/Disable navigation bar- Live search suggestions
- Jump to a random article
- Quick Search Box integration & a search widget
- 150 Wikipedia languages
- Auto detect language
- Adjustable text size
- Copy text from articles
- Share article

What City 1.2.1 [GAME]

What City - The Travelers Quiz is a quiz game with Google Street View panoramas. You have to guess a city from a random Street View panorama. You get to choose the cities you want to play with. Any city with Street View can be added.

It's free and for now also ad-free, since this is mostly a hobby project and learning endeavour.Since there is no Android native Street View Api yet, the gamescreen consists of mainly a browser window with JavaScript running inside. It works, though it is not a very smooth solution. On older devices animations and can be quite slow, but most notably on larger screens panning and zooming the Street View causes a lot of lag. The main hurdle I had to tackle was the communication between Java and Javascript and getting a correctly layouted WebView independent of pixel densities and Android Versions.Being new to Android, working my way around different behaviors of different API versions was something I did not anticipate and that cost a lot of time in the end.I'd be happy, if you'd give it a try and I would love to hear your comments on what could be improved about my game.Thank you!