Saturday, 12 April 2014

What City 1.2.1 [GAME]

What City - The Travelers Quiz is a quiz game with Google Street View panoramas. You have to guess a city from a random Street View panorama. You get to choose the cities you want to play with. Any city with Street View can be added.

It's free and for now also ad-free, since this is mostly a hobby project and learning endeavour.Since there is no Android native Street View Api yet, the gamescreen consists of mainly a browser window with JavaScript running inside. It works, though it is not a very smooth solution. On older devices animations and can be quite slow, but most notably on larger screens panning and zooming the Street View causes a lot of lag. The main hurdle I had to tackle was the communication between Java and Javascript and getting a correctly layouted WebView independent of pixel densities and Android Versions.Being new to Android, working my way around different behaviors of different API versions was something I did not anticipate and that cost a lot of time in the end.I'd be happy, if you'd give it a try and I would love to hear your comments on what could be improved about my game.Thank you!

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